About MotorSan

Mildew & mould loves garages, but car owners loath them. Using proven technology from the food processing and health industries, MotorSan offers a 21st century solution -  killing them! MotorSan UVC will kill airborne bacteria and moulds such Cladosporium (most common indoor and outdoor mould), Stachybotrys and Aspergillus (black moulds), and many, many more.


MotorSan should be installed in an area of good airflow and each unit is capable of treating approximately 25m3 of space - typically, one unit for each double garage. Whilst MotorSan works best when used in conjunction with dehumidifiers, ensuring good airflow is also important.


MotorSan is manufactured mainly from polished stainless steel and mounted using high quality marine rope.  To attach simply loop the adjustable ropes over a hook, plug into mains and you are ready to start preventing mould.

What causes mildew and mould?

Mildew and mould are fungi which are present everywhere in the biosphere. They thrive in humid conditions and reproduce by ‘seeds’, called spores, which travel through the air. The spores attach to surfaces and given the right conditions they grow and start to produce new spores. Large colonies of fungi then become noticeable as black stains. 


The spreading and growth of mildew and mould can be reduced by controlling the environment, so whilst using a good dehumidifier is recommended, this doesn’t kill airborne spores! MotorSan treats the air in the closed space of the garage and kills airborne spores and bacteria.

Facts & Figures

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